Online Security

laptop How do you protect yourself against hackers, scammers, and phishing?

Recently, we’ve been pondering exactly how hard it is to trust literally any site when it comes to sharing your personal of financial information.  And, even though there is a very concise statement on every page of this site stating that we do not collect your personal, financial information when you apply for credit cards, loans, etc., on this site, we decided that maybe we needed to reiterate that with this post.

When you click on ANY link to ANY offer on this site, you are taken directly to the verified vendors site to enter your information in a safe, secure format.  We do not see your information nor do we have access to that information.  Once you leave this site, you communicate directly to the credit card company, loan originator, etc.  So, unlike a lot of questionable sites out there, is as safe and secure as we can possibly make it.  And even better, we only share information from companies that we have fully vetted.

So, if you see something that you’re interested in on this site, don’t hesitate to click through to the credit card, loan, or other offer.