Have a Fresh Start Christmas!

With Christmas shopping in full swing, it can be really hard to fit everything into your budget, especially if your credit score is keeping you from getting the credit you need to make it through the most expensive time of the year.  But, there is a way that you can get a Fresh Start on your credit, get your Christmas shopping done, and not have to starve come January.

With a Fingerhut account, you can do all your shopping online, take advantage of sales prices, promotional codes, and more, AND you’ll know exactly what your payment will be before your place your first order.  You see, Fingerhut doesn’t just show you the price, they also show you what the payment will be, so you can make sure that you can pay the bill when it comes due.

Don’t think your credit score is good enough to qualify for a Fingerhut account?  Think again!  Most people actually do qualify because Fingerhut is known for working with those of us with less than perfect credit… and in the event that you still don’t qualify?  Fingerhut even has a special “Fresh Start” program that will not only allow you to shop, but can actually improve your credit score over time!  (Even better, your Fingerhut account may convert to a revolving charge once you meet the initial terms of the Fresh Start program, with a higher credit limit, and lots of special offers.)

Don’t let the Christmas season wreck your budget – open a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today!

Need a Fresh Start? Fingerhut Fresh Start is the Way to Go!

With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to get a fresh start on your credit AND do a little Christmas shopping while you rebuild your credit!  And with a Fingerhut FreshStart® credit account issued by WebBank, you can do both.

Not an Access Card

What is the Fingerhut FreshStart program?  Well, the Fingerhut FreshStart program is actually an installment program that can help you build buying power with Fingerhut and potentially improve your credit at the same time.

How do you get approved for the Fingerhut FreshStart program?  First, you’ll need to apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank.  Once approved for the FreshStart program, you would simply make a one-time purchase that is a minimum of $50.00 (including shipping and handling and taxes).  Then, make the $30.00 down payment that’s required for your order to ship and to continue with the FreshStart program.  This amount will be deducted from your balance.  Then, you pay off the balance with monthly payments, just like a regular catalog shopping account.  Once your original order is paid in full, you will be rewarded with a WebBank/Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account that will have a higher credit limit!

And once you have that Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank, you’ll find that there are all kinds of special offers, sales, and promotions that you’ll qualify for through Fingerhut.  What better way to start your holiday shopping?  Apply today:


Build Your Credit AND Freshen Up Your Home

Spring cleaning?  Maybe you’d like to get that new patio table and chairs or that new grill that you’ve been wanting… but you don’t have the money?  And your credit score is too low to be able to finance it with a credit card?

Relax.  With Fingerhut, you can freshen up your backyard for summer AND start rebuilding your credit score today!  You see, unlike a lot of creditors these days, Fingerhut actually works with you to help you rebuild your credit score.  Not only do they typically approve most people for a Fingerhut Credit Account, but they also report your good payment record to the top three credit bureaus every month, so you’ll start rebuilding your credit history from the moment that you make your first on time payment to Fingerhut.  (And just the fact that you’re approved for a Fingerhut card may even help your credit score!)

Don’t have a credit history?  Fingerhut works for that, too!  When you’re just starting out, getting credit can be just as difficult as it is when your credit score is poor to bad.  Sometimes it seems like no one will give you the credit you need to build a credit history, but once again, Fingerhut typically approves most people, so you’ll likely get the credit you need and start building your credit history right away.

And, there’s one more way that having a Fingerhut Credit Account works for you – it’s called “Available Credit.”  The more available credit that you have, the better your score.  Just be careful that you don’t use all of your available credit because that can actually hurt your credit score.  (Credit scoring models like to see you using 30% or less of your total available credit.)

Sound like something that might work for you?

Open your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today!

Get a Fresh Start with Fingerhut

Need to get a fresh start on your credit right now?  Looking for a fast, easy way to get that fresh start?

One of the hardest things about improving your credit score is having the patience to wait the months and sometimes years that it can take to dig yourself out of the credit “hole” that you’re in, and even worse, it seems like no one will give you the credit you need to actually begin the process of rebuilding your payment history, available credit, and so forth.  It can be an agonizing process… and you can’t afford not to get it right the first time.  (Every time you try for a credit card and are rejected, your score can drop even more!)

Not an Access Card

Rather than take the risk of dinging your credit report for credit cards that you can’t get approved for, why not get that fresh start today with a Fingerhut Credit Account.  That’s right, Fingerhut Credit normally approves almost everyone for an account, and in the event that you don’t get approved right away, they may even offer you a special Fingerhut “Fresh Start” account.  So, either way, with Fingerhut, you’ll only have one credit inquiry on your account.  And at a time when every point matters, that single credit inquiry means a lot.

Once you are approved for a Fingerhut Credit account, you’ll want to use it sparingly and wisely.  Keep your balance around 30% of your total credit availability and make every payment on time, every time.  These are the two most critical areas of your credit report.  Total credit availability and payment history count for about 30% of your credit score EACH.  So, if you use your Fingerhut account properly, you can see significant improvement in your credit score relatively quickly because Fingerhut reports your credit availability and your regular payment history to the credit bureaus EVERY MONTH.  And these days your credit scores are updated several times a month, so every payment, every inquiry, and every purchase you make matters!

Even better, Fingerhut is literally one of the best companies when it comes to credit line increases, special no interest purchases, and super sales!  If you sign up for Fingerhut and you use your account regularly (and wisely), you’ll be amazed at the offers that you’ll get via email and regular mail.  (I recently qualified for their “Major Purchase Program,” where you can buy all new furniture, pay it off in a certain amount of time, and pay little or no interest!)

And the merchandise… there are literally hundreds of thousands of name brand, competitively priced products on their website.  Everything from clothing, shoes, jewelry, and appliances to rugs, linens, and yes, furniture for every room in your house!

When you consider all of the advantages to using Fingerhut to jumpstart your credit score, why wouldn’t you want to open a Fingerhut Credit Account?

Get the credit you deserve and save $50 on your first order of $200 or more with a new Fingerhut Credit Account. Use promo code NC361. Limited Time Only. Offer Ends Soon.  Apply now for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank

Get a Fresh Start with Fingerhut!

Need to rebuild your credit?  Maybe you’ve had a serious financial setback… lost your job, gotten in over your head, and behind on your bills?  Once something like that happens, it seems like it will take forever to get back on track… and when no one will give you credit, it’s nearly impossible to rebuild your credit score.

With Fingerhut, You Can!

Not an Access Card

That’s right, you can get that fresh start you so desperately need with Fingerhut!  Not only does Fingerhut extend credit to those of us with less than perfect credit scores, but having a Fingerhut account can actually help your credits score.

Fingerhut can help your credit score in three ways –

  1. Your Fingerhut account figures into your total “credit utilization,” and if you can keep the balance on your account under 30% of the total available credit on your Fingerhut account, then your credit score will reflect a much better credit utilization score.
  2. Fingerhut will report your regular payments to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis, which will establish your payment history, which is also an important part of your credit score.
  3. Over time, your regular payment history may also qualify you for credit line increases, which will help your available credit even more.

Honestly, opening a Fingerhut credit account is one of THE best ways to improve your credit score!  Not only have I personally seen the effects of opening a Fingerhut credit account on an individual’s credit score, but I’ve also seen the special deals that come with responsible use of your Fingerhut account.  Special deals like short term credit increases that enable you to buy more expensive items such as computers, televisions, and other major appliances, special interest free deals, and eventually, admission into the Fingerhut Major Purchase program, where you can buy a new living room set, new bedroom furniture, or that new patio set you’ve been dreaming of all winter!

So, go ahead, what are you waiting for?  

Open your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today and get that fresh start you’ve been searching for!

Get the credit you deserve and save $50 on your first order of $200 or more with a new Fingerhut Credit Account. Use promo code NC361. Limited Time Only. Offer Ends Soon.

Last Minute Sales, Free Shipping – There’s Still Time!

Still trying to find a way to pay for Christmas?

Need to find a few real bargains to finish up your shopping?   There’s still time to get in on an unbelievable amount of savings with the last minute sales offered at Fingerhut! If you check out their website today, you’ll find toys, games, electronics, clothing, shoes, and household items all on sale AND with free shipping until December 12th, there is still time to get your order before Christmas!

So, don’t waste another minute, apply today for your Fingerhut Credit Account, and get in on the last minute savings with FREE SHIPPING until December 12th.

Not sure if you’ll qualify for a Fingerhut Credit Account?

Relax, almost everyone gets approved for Fingerhut, and even if you don’t, they have a Fingerhut Fresh Start option that may still make this a Merry Christmas! But, you’ll never know unless you try…

Apply Now for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank and Save on Thousands of Brand Name Products!

Don’t Look Now – Christmas is Almost Here!

That’s right, Christmas is literally less than a month away!  Do you have your shopping done?  Or are you still trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for Christmas gifts?  If you’re like most people, money is tight… with the cost of housing, health insurance, grocery bills, and everything else rising much faster than wages are, it’s hard to come up with the cash you need to get those must have gifts for the kids, for your spouse, or even just things you need around the house.

But this year, you can relax.  Fingerhut has Christmas covered!  When you open a Fingerhut Credit account, you’ll not only have access to the buying power that you need, but you’ll also have access to literally hundreds of thousands of name brand, quality gifts that will fill your family’s Christmas list.

Looking for the latest and greatest game system?  Maybe a new HD television?  Or the newest brand name tennis shoes?  If you’re shopping for electronics, clothing, shoes, small appliances, toys (and more toys), or something else… relax, Fingerhut has it!

Even better, Fingerhut has it at a price you can afford.  In addition to competitively priced items, Fingerhut has financing that enables you to get the gifts you need with a payment plan that will fit almost any budget!  (They even tell you how much the payment will be for each and every item that you’re considering before you buy.)

And finally, for those of us with less than perfect credit… Fingerhut even has a “fresh start” program to help you get back on your feet financially once the holidays are past.

  • Great selection.
  • Name brand merchandise.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Competitive interest rates.

What could be better?  If you don’t have a Fingerhut Credit Account, you’re missing out!

Apply Now for your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank

Your First Fingerhut Order!

Christmas Shopping?  Need to make your money go further?  

Apply for your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today!

(And remember, with Fingerhut, if your credit is less than perfect, they’ll work with you to get you the credit you need AND help you to improve your credit score.  So, don’t think you won’t qualify because most people do!)

Getting a Fresh Start After a Divorce

Getting a fresh start on your credit after a divorce is not easy!

As with everything else that you must divide when you divorce, you must also work to separate your credit files from those of your ex-spouse.  This can mean selling or refinancing your home, your vehicles, renegotiating personal loans, and even requalifying for your credit card accounts.

Why is it important to separate your credit files?

While it may not seem to be that important to separate your credit from that of your former spouse, it’s actually one of the most prudent things to do in the event of a divorce, for many reasons:

  1. If your divorce is particularly nasty, your former spouse could do serious damage to your credit rating simply by not paying any bills that are in both your names.  As long as your name is on any joint account, regardless of what the divorce decree says, your credit can and will be impacted.
  2. Failing to separate your credit from that of your former spouse can limit your ability to secure the credit you need.  Want to buy a house or a new car?  If your name is still on the old mortgage, it’s highly unlikely a lender will approve you for a new mortgage.  The same goes for that new car that you need to replace the old one.
  3. Even if your divorce is completely amicable, your former spouse could lose his (or her) job, or have any number of other serious financial setbacks, and you could be responsible for any of the accounts that are still jointly held.  That could mean you would either have to pay the bill or suffer the same consequences as he (or she) when the bill is not paid.
  4. At some point in the future, one or both of you may remarry, and as such, your credit may become entangled (and impacted) by that future spouse.  What if he (or she) marries someone who is not as financially responsible as you are?  And what if that person is given access to the credit cards and other accounts that are still jointly held?  I’m sure you can already see the problems that you may have.
  5. And lastly, you need to separate your credit from that of your former spouse so that you have the ability to buy things in the future.  If your credit stays tied to that of another individual, it can be extremely hard to buy a car, a house, or even open a credit card if you haven’t established credit in your own name first.

How do you establish credit in your name only?

Before your divorce, chances are you lived in a two income household, and more than likely, your credit cards were in either one or both of your names.  It’s also very likely that you and your spouse had a much higher credit limit than you will now that you are a single person with a single income. Now that you’re trying to establish your own credit, you may have to look at a different category of credit cards, or you may even have to start from scratch!

Fortunately, if you do have to start from scratch you do have options.  But, first and foremost, before you consider ANY of your options, you will need to find out what your personal credit score is, what’s on your credit report, and what, if anything, you need to have removed, disputed, etc.  Now, there are a lot of places that promise you free credit scores, free credit reports, and even free credit monitoring, but if you’re seriously interested in building your own credit, then you’ll want to consider one of these credit monitoring services. They’ll give you your credit score for free, but I would strongly recommend signing up for their credit monitoring as soon as you can so that you can see your credit score, credit report, etc., whenever you want. This makes it far easier to separate and/or clean up your personal credit report after the divorce.

Once you’ve cleaned up your credit report, then you’re ready to start looking at credit cards. All too often, when there’s a divorce, there are also lots of outstanding bills that have to be paid, some even late, and this can and will lower your credit score, making it hard to start building your own credit.

How do you build your own credit?

One of the best ways to build your own personal credit is to get some type of credit in your own name. Typically, you’d want a car loan, credit card, or even just a catalog credit card to start. Then, once you’ve established that line of credit and demonstrated that you can and will use it responsibly, you can (and should) set up at least one more line of credit.

Now, obviously if you can qualify for a car loan on your own, your credit is probably in good enough shape that you won’t necessarily need to get another credit card or setup a catalog credit account, but most of us are simply not that lucky when it comes to separating our finances from those of our former spouses, and we usually have to consider all of our options in order to get that fresh start that we so desperately need.

And that’s where the catalog credit account can be the most beneficial – unlike automobile loans and unsecured credit card accounts, catalog credit card accounts are typically MUCH easier to qualify for, so your acceptance is almost guaranteed. All you have to do is simply fill out a short questionnaire and you’ll get an instant decision. Most people start with at least a $300 credit limit, and it’s fairly common to see credit line increases within the first year of opening your new account.

Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank .
Get low monthly payments with no annual fees or overlimit fees. Shop from thousands of trusted brands.

Apply for your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today!


A Fresh Start Credit Card to Take With You on Vacation!

Planning a vacation this summer?

Even if you’ve already saved the money for your summer vacation, it only makes sense to have a good credit card available just in case you have an unexpected emergency expense that crops up while you’re away from home.

You never know when you’ll have car trouble, lose some or all of your cash, or if you simply overspend and end up running low on funds before it’s time to go home.  (Who doesn’t overspend on vacation?)  That’s why you shouldn’t leave home without the security of knowing that you have a way to replace that tire, rent a car, or pay for that extra expense you just weren’t planning for when you were saving for your summer vacation.

But what if your credit is less than perfect? Who’s going to give you a credit card?

Even if your credit is less than perfect, you can still qualify for several types of credit cards. Many people qualify even with a bankruptcy still on their credit report, chances are you will too!  Even better, once you’ve got the credit card, they will report your responsible usage and payment history to all three major credit bureaus, so you can continue to improve your credit score!