Build Your Credit AND Freshen Up Your Home

Spring cleaning?  Maybe you’d like to get that new patio table and chairs or that new grill that you’ve been wanting… but you don’t have the money?  And your credit score is too low to be able to finance it with a credit card?

Relax.  With Fingerhut, you can freshen up your backyard for summer AND start rebuilding your credit score today!  You see, unlike a lot of creditors these days, Fingerhut actually works with you to help you rebuild your credit score.  Not only do they typically approve most people for a Fingerhut Credit Account, but they also report your good payment record to the top three credit bureaus every month, so you’ll start rebuilding your credit history from the moment that you make your first on time payment to Fingerhut.  (And just the fact that you’re approved for a Fingerhut card may even help your credit score!)

Don’t have a credit history?  Fingerhut works for that, too!  When you’re just starting out, getting credit can be just as difficult as it is when your credit score is poor to bad.  Sometimes it seems like no one will give you the credit you need to build a credit history, but once again, Fingerhut typically approves most people, so you’ll likely get the credit you need and start building your credit history right away.

And, there’s one more way that having a Fingerhut Credit Account works for you – it’s called “Available Credit.”  The more available credit that you have, the better your score.  Just be careful that you don’t use all of your available credit because that can actually hurt your credit score.  (Credit scoring models like to see you using 30% or less of your total available credit.)

Sound like something that might work for you?

Open your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today!

Building Your Credit Score

If you’re just starting out financially or if you’ve had a major financial setback, you may need to build or rebuild your credit score.  Although the two situations may seem vastly different, and to some extent, they actually are very different, but the steps that you need to take are essentially the same:  you have to build (or rebuild) a low or nonexistent credit score.  And, if you have no credit or low credit, it’s very difficult to actually get credit.

Fortunately, there are a couple of really solid ways to get your credit score back on track.

1.  Get a Secured Credit Card

Unlike conventional credit cards, secured credit cards require that you put down an initial security deposit, and once you’ve made the security deposit, they’ll issue you a card that will work exactly like a conventional credit card.  You’ll have a credit limit (which is typically the amount of your security deposit), you’ll be able to use the card anywhere that you would use a conventional credit card (or debit card), and you’ll make payments on the purchases that you make with the card.  And, just like a conventional credit card, your secured credit card company will report your responsible usage, payment history, and available credit to the credit bureaus. This, in turn, will help you to build (or rebuild) the two most important parts of your credit score – your credit availability and your payment history.  Together these two factors make up more than 50% of your credit score, so you can see how quickly opening a secure credit card can help you to improve your credit score.


2.  Open a Catalog Credit Card

Believe it or not, opening a catalog credit card account, like Fingerhut, is also one of the fastest and best ways to build (or rebuild) your credit score.  You see, unlike traditional credit card companies, Fingerhut Credit is known for their extremely high approval rate (nearly everyone gets approved for a Fingerhut account) and for their regular reviews of your credit limit.  That means that you’ll see your total available credit increase much more quickly with Fingerhut than you would with a conventional credit card account, and your responsible usage, payment history, and available credit will be reported monthly to the credit bureaus, again affecting those two major factors in your credit score, credit availability and payment history.

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While there are other ways to improve your credit score, these two are the fastest, easiest, and best ways to build or rebuild your credit score on your own, without having to pay someone else to work on your credit report for you.  (We’ll get into those options another day, in another post.)

Get a Fresh Start with Fingerhut

Need to get a fresh start on your credit right now?  Looking for a fast, easy way to get that fresh start?

One of the hardest things about improving your credit score is having the patience to wait the months and sometimes years that it can take to dig yourself out of the credit “hole” that you’re in, and even worse, it seems like no one will give you the credit you need to actually begin the process of rebuilding your payment history, available credit, and so forth.  It can be an agonizing process… and you can’t afford not to get it right the first time.  (Every time you try for a credit card and are rejected, your score can drop even more!)

Not an Access Card

Rather than take the risk of dinging your credit report for credit cards that you can’t get approved for, why not get that fresh start today with a Fingerhut Credit Account.  That’s right, Fingerhut Credit normally approves almost everyone for an account, and in the event that you don’t get approved right away, they may even offer you a special Fingerhut “Fresh Start” account.  So, either way, with Fingerhut, you’ll only have one credit inquiry on your account.  And at a time when every point matters, that single credit inquiry means a lot.

Once you are approved for a Fingerhut Credit account, you’ll want to use it sparingly and wisely.  Keep your balance around 30% of your total credit availability and make every payment on time, every time.  These are the two most critical areas of your credit report.  Total credit availability and payment history count for about 30% of your credit score EACH.  So, if you use your Fingerhut account properly, you can see significant improvement in your credit score relatively quickly because Fingerhut reports your credit availability and your regular payment history to the credit bureaus EVERY MONTH.  And these days your credit scores are updated several times a month, so every payment, every inquiry, and every purchase you make matters!

Even better, Fingerhut is literally one of the best companies when it comes to credit line increases, special no interest purchases, and super sales!  If you sign up for Fingerhut and you use your account regularly (and wisely), you’ll be amazed at the offers that you’ll get via email and regular mail.  (I recently qualified for their “Major Purchase Program,” where you can buy all new furniture, pay it off in a certain amount of time, and pay little or no interest!)

And the merchandise… there are literally hundreds of thousands of name brand, competitively priced products on their website.  Everything from clothing, shoes, jewelry, and appliances to rugs, linens, and yes, furniture for every room in your house!

When you consider all of the advantages to using Fingerhut to jumpstart your credit score, why wouldn’t you want to open a Fingerhut Credit Account?

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Five Things They Don’t Tell You About Fingerhut

When it comes to catalog sales, Fingerhut is probably the single most recognizable mail order retailer in the country! Who hasn’t gotten half a dozen of their catalogs this year alone? But, did you also know that Fingerhut is also one of the best sources of credit for those with less than perfect credit? That’s right, Fingerhut is one of the few companies that will actually give you the opportunity to get a fresh start on your credit. And, even though it’s mentioned in their offer that a Fingerhut account will actually help you to build your credit, do you know how having a Fingerhut account actually works with you to rebuild your credit?

First, let’s start with the standard spiel about Fingerhut accounts – here’s the offer that you’ll see in most ads:

Now, let’s talk about the benefits that Fingerhut doesn’t tell you about – here are the top five!

  1. Fingerhut regularly reports the status of your account to at least one of the three major credit bureaus.  This status includes the balance due on your account and if your payments are made in a timely manner, which is one of the most important parts of your credit score!  (Making your payments on time, every time, typically improves your credit score!)
  2. Fingerhut regularly reviews your account to see if you are making your payments in a timely manner, how much you’ve paid, etc., and if your account is in good standing, they may offer you a credit line increase of a couple hundred to even several hundred dollars!  That’s right, it’s been my experience that Fingerhut will significantly raise your credit limit the more that you use the account to purchase items and as long as you make regular, timely payments.  (And that significant credit limit can also significantly improve your credit score!)
  3. Fingerhut offers an interest rate on purchases that is often equal to, or even lower than, other store/catalog sites and even many credit cards.  Especially if your credit is less than perfect, you are likely paying as much as 33% and even as high as 39% interest on some credit cards – a typical Fingerhut account will be in the mid to slightly up 20’s when it comes to your interest rate.
  4. Fingerhut does not charge a monthly or even an annual fee simply for having an account through WebBank.  Compare this with other store/catalog sites and most credit cards and you’ll see just what a benefit this is!
  5. Fingerhut offers brand name merchandise at reasonably competitive prices.  Yes, you may sometimes pay a little more than you would at your local big box or discount department store, but you will also find that you will oftentimes pay less than at other catalog/store sites, and even at some of your local retailers.  Ordering is fast, easy, and your order is shipped promptly… right to your door!

And finally, why do you need a Fingerhut account?

Not an Access Card

PURCHASING ABILITY!  Too many times, people who have suffered through a bankruptcy, divorce, job loss, or other economic setback find that they can’t buy anything unless they have the cash to pay for it up front, and as much as we’d like to, we can’t always do that.  Think about all of the times that you might need credit… Christmas, birthdays, graduation, the start of a new school year, moving to a new home or apartment… the list goes on and on.  With a Fingerhut account, you’re able to purchase the things you want or need when you need them the most.  (And the best part is, you’ll be improving your credit when you do.)

So, go on… what are you waiting for?  

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Get a Fresh Start Now!

Even though it’s only May, and the kids are just getting out of school, it’s not too early to be thinking about back to school expenses, like clothes, computers, and the things you might need if you’re sending a child off to college this fall. Most people spend several hundred dollars getting just one child back in school each year, if you have two or more, it can get really expensive. Even worse, you barely have time to recover from back to school expenses before the holiday season rolls around. And we all know how expensive Christmas is!

If your credit is less than perfect, it’s really hard to come up with the cash to pay for school clothes, those new sneakers he or she need for school sports, the new computer you’ve been putting off buying, or all the gifts that you have to buy come December. Fortunately, there are some really good options to help you pay for the things that you know you’ll need AND improve your credit score as you use those options responsibly.

One of the best ways to get a fresh start on your credit is to take advantage of a Fingerhut’s FreshStart program. Geared especially for those of us who may not qualify for a regular Fingerhut credit account, the Fingerhut FreshStart program allows you to place an order online, make a small $30.00 payment, and then make regular payments until the balance is paid off. Typically, your account is then turned into a regular revolving Fingerhut account AND your line of credit may be increased incrementally over time as you use the account responsibly.

So why am I writing about this offer now, in May, instead of in July or August, when you’ll need to order school clothes, those sneakers, or even that computer? The answer is really simple. If you get a FreshStart on your credit now, and you use it responsibly, you’ll be ready later in the year when all those expenses roll around…and you won’t be frantically trying to figure out a way to pay for everything.

What are the benefits of a Fingerhut account?

  • Shop over 630,000 items from great brands like Samsung, KitchenAid and Dewalt
  • Take advantage of low monthly payments1 with a WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account
  • Fast, easy online application process and a quick decision
  • 1If you apply and are accepted for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank, who determines eligibility and qualifications for the terms of credit

Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank . Get low monthly payments with no annual fees or overlimit fees. Shop from thousands of trusted brands. 


Get a FreshStart with $50 Off Your First Order at Fingerhut

Got spring fever? Spring is a great time to get outside, work in the yard, clean up the screened porch, and fire up the grill! But if you’re like me, you like to add something new… be it that new grill you’ve been coveting, or perhaps some new outdoor furniture, or even that little “She Shed” you’ve been dreaming of all winter. Of course, adding something new takes money OR it takes a great deal.

Well, here’s a deal you won’t want to pass up!

Fingerhut runs monthly promo codes & you’ll get up to $50 off your first order.
Not an Access Card

Think about it – you can have that new grill, that new chaise lounge, or even that little “She Shed” AND get a fresh start on your credit at the same time. You see, Fingerhut has thousands upon thousands of quality products at prices that are highly competitive…you literally can find everything from name brand clothing, computers and electronics, to exactly what you need to freshen up that yard for spring!   (Even better, you’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost AND what the low monthly payment is before you order, so there won’t be any surprises when you get the bill.)

Worried about being approved?  Even if you’ve got bad credit, most people qualify for a Fingerhut Credit Account with a credit line around $300.00, and Fingerhut has a reputation for rewarding good customers with more credit the longer your account remains in good standing.

Even better, your Fingerhut Credit Account can actually help you to IMPROVE your credit score just by making your payments on time every time. Sound like something that might help you get a fresh start this spring?

 Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account (issued by WebBank). Get low monthly payments with no annual fees or overlimit fees. Shop from thousands of trusted brands. 

Freshen Up for Spring with Fingerhut’s Fresh Start Program

Getting a fresh start on your spring cleaning? Getting ready to enjoy your patio? Planning to grill out? Why not get a fresh start on your credit AND get that new grill, patio table set, or whatever it is that you’ve been wanting with Fingerhut?

Not an Access Card

That’s right, Fingerhut is a great way to start cleaning up your credit without sacrificing the ability to purchase beautiful, name brand items for your home, for your family, or even for yourself!

How does the Fingerhut Fresh Start Program work? Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think. You simply fill in a little information and you’ll get a decision instantly.

Once you’re approved, you simply set up an online account, find whatever it is you’re looking for (and trust me, Fingerhut has some FANTASTIC things for you to buy), order it, enjoy it, and then make your payments on time, every time.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? What are you waiting for?

Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account (issued by WebBank). Get low monthly payments with no annual fees or overlimit fees. Shop from thousands of trusted brands.

A Fresh Idea for Christmas Shopping

Wondering how you’ll ever afford Christmas?   Christmas is one of the most stressful times of year simply because it costs so much money and many of us just don’t have that kind of money available to spend all at once!

That’s one of the reasons why opening a Fingerhut credit account can be such a great way to shop for Christmas and not worry about the balance when you get the first bill.

Why?  Well, one of the things that I like most about Fingerhut is that when you’re shopping (online or in one of the catalogs they’ll send once you’re approved), not only do you see the full purchase price of the item, but you’re also given the monthly minimum payment amount that you’ll need to make if you order the item.

For example, if you were to order a pair of name brand tennis shoes, then you would see the highly competitive purchase price AND the monthly payment amount.  I’ve ordered a couple of pairs of shoes this way, and typically, the monthly payment amount shown was around $6.99. So, you have two ways to shop – you can do your Christmas shopping and pay off the entire bill at once OR you can do your Christmas shopping knowing in advance what you’re spending and how much the monthly payment will be when you get the bill.  (No January surprises!!)

The other thing that I really like about Fingerhut is this – they have lots of NO INTEREST deals throughout the year, so if there’s a larger purchase that you want to make you can order it during one of these promotions, pay it off before the expiration of the NO INTEREST deal, and save money.

Not sure you’d be approved if you applied?

Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank .

Not only are the majority of people who apply for a Fingerhut account instantly approved, but Fingerhut even has a “Fresh Start” program that can help you get your credit score back on track!

The Fingerhut Fresh Start Program works like this:

  • Start by filling out a credit application to open an account (most people start out with $250.00 credit).
  • Shop online and make a purchase between $50.00 and your total credit limit.
  • Make your first payment of $30.00 when the order is placed.  Once the payment is cleared, your order ships.
  • Make 6-8 regular payments (on time) and pay off the purchase.  (This is why we’re talking Christmas in July – there’s still time to get your credit set for this Christmas!)
  • When the balance is paid off, your account is converted to a revolving Fingerhut charge account, which means you’re eligible for credit line increases, and you can take advantage of the full line of buying options for every purchase you make, including deferred payment plans, low monthly payments, and a very reasonable monthly APR.

The best part is – Fingerhut reports your regular payments AND your credit line to major credit bureaus.  This helps your credit in two different ways:

1. You build a history of regular payments with Fingerhut.

2. They report your “available credit” thereby showing or increasing the amount of credit shown as “available” on your credit report.  (This decreases your credit utilization if you’re not using the full amount available to you.)

Think Fingerhut might be the way for you to improve your credit?