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Let’s face it, the last few years have been tough.  Unemployment soared, wages stagnated, and with the rising cost of health insurance, goods and services, most of us just haven’t been able to keep up financially.  And as a result, many of us have had a few financial setbacks… maybe you’ve paid late a few times on your credit cards, maybe you lost your job and couldn’t make any payments at all for a period of time… whatever the reason your credit score has suffered, it’s time to start rebuilding your credit and you’re not sure where to start.

We’ve got just the place to get that Fresh Start that you’ve been waiting for!

Fingerhut!  That’s right, Fingerhut.  You remember Fingerhut.  Chances are, when you were growing up, your mother received Fingerhut Catalogs in the mail on a regular basis, and if you were like me, you loved to look at the Fingerhut Catalog, especially around Christmas time!  Not only did Fingerhut have neat things to buy, but lots of times, your Mom would order something and she’d get you that one special thing you wanted, too.  And then she’d pay on her order, a little bit at a time, until she had it all paid off.  And then, she’d get something else that she really wanted or needed around the house.

Times have changed!  Now, in addition to those wonderful Fingerhut Catalogs, you can also apply and shop online for the things you want or need at!  And, even better, Fingerhut carries all of the must-have, name brand merchandise that you (and your family) want but may not be able to afford right now.

But, what if your credit is less than perfect?

Especially if your credit is less than perfect, Fingerhut is exactly where you want to start.  Unlike a lot of other credit sites, Fingerhut actually works with those of us who don’t have the best credit to help us get back on track and improve our credit scores.  All you have to do is place your order, make a make your payments, and over time, your credit limit may be gradually increased, regular payments are reported to the credit bureaus, and your credit scores may begin to bounce back.  So, what about it?

Are you ready for a Fresh Start?

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