Summer Vacation?

If you’re like nearly half of the population of this country, you’re not planning a summer vacation this year, and the biggest reason most people aren’t going?  Money.  That’s right, many of us simply cannot afford the overall expense of spending a few days or a week away from home.  The money just isn’t in the budget (or the savings account), so we’re skipping that trip to the beach, or the mountains, or anywhere else that we may have wanted to go.   But, what if you could still go?

What if you could take that vacation and, instead of draining your savings account, charge it on a credit card that offered you an interest free introductory period, or cash back rewards, or even travel rewards?   Would you be able to rearrange your schedule (and your budget) to take the trip and pay it off over time when you returned?  It’s definitely something to consider, isn’t it?

Why not take a look at these credit card offers and see if one of them might just enable you to take that vacation and still stay within your budget?