Spring Break? Don’t Forget Your Credit Card!

Planning a trip to the beach for spring break?  Don’t forget to take your credit card when you go!

Even if you have more than enough money saved to pay for your trip to the beach this spring break, you still should have at least one credit card in your pocket to cover you just in case you have an emergency expense!

What if you have car trouble?  Need repairs?  An accident?  Let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to rent a car without a major credit card!  And using your debit card just doesn’t make sense… not only will the rental car company hold several hundred dollars on the card, but you’ll also lose the use of that money while you’re away from home!

What if something goes wrong with the rental that you paid for months ago?  What if you need to find a place to stay for even one night in a hotel while you’re gone?  Again, you can use your debit card, but did you have emergency expenses planned into your budget?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve scrimped and saved all year to have the money to take that beach vacation (or you’re using that income tax refund), and you’ve got just enough money to enjoy your week at the beach, or in the mountains, or at that theme park, but you don’t really have enough to cover unexpected expenses like replacing a tire, paying for an unplanned car rental or hotel room.  It wouldn’t take much for your trip to be ruined, would it?

Relax.  The best way to plan for those unplanned expenses is to have one credit card that you only use for emergencies…