New Offers & Updates!

Can’t Find the Right Credit Offer?

Sometimes, even after you’ve perused all the websites that you can find searching for the right credit card, the perfect loan, or even the right credit reporting / monitoring vendor, you still can’t find what you want. What should you do?  Just take whatever offer you got in the mail? 

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Credit Cards & Catalogs

Well, the season is here again! If your mailbox is like mine, every day it is stuffed with both catalogs and credit card offers. Buy now! Pay later! 15 months interest free! Pre-approved! Save money on interest! But before you fill those credit card applications out, you might just want

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Planning Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

Last month, I wrote about the school supplies flooding the stores in anticipation of the onset of back to school shopping… hard to believe the kids are already back in school, isn’t it? Now we’re beginning to see Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving dinner ideas, and even Christmas decorations appear in the

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