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Using Credit Cards to Survive the Corona Virus Shutdowns

Over the past few days, as we’ve watched industry after industry getting hit by closures, slowdowns, and collateral damage because of worldwide efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, we’ve also watched the economy tank in nearly every country.  We’ve heard of “temporary” shutdowns, pauses, and already, many, many layoffs. 

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How Credit Cards Affect Your Overall Financial Picture

Credit cards, when used correctly, an be a valuable asset to your overall financial picture.  They can improve your credit score, leading to even higher credit limits and better interest rates, and you may earn cash back, air miles, hotel discounts, and other rewards.  However, failing to use them wisely

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Gotten an Unexpected Credit Line Increase Lately?

Have you checked your credit line on your credit cards lately?  If not, you may have missed an unexpected, even unrequested, increase in your available credit.   But, before you rush out and use that extra available credit, you might want to reconsider.  In the last few months, without much

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