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Smart Catalog Shopping Card Use

Right about now, your mailbox is likely getting stuffed with catalogs for the holidays, and of those, some are offering you “Preapproved” credit of $300.00 or more with your first order… but is catalog shopping really a smart way to handle your Christmas shopping?   Truthfully, that depends directly on how

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Should You Apply for Credit Cards Online?

With all of the “data breaches” making the news lately, nearly everyone worries about sharing personal information of any kind anywhere… so, it’s only normal to wonder if you should even apply for credit cards online?   Is it safe?  Are you putting your information at risk?  Perhaps you’re better off

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Spice up Your Fall Decor with this New Fingerhut Promo Code!

Autumn is here… That means it’s time for Pumpkin Spice everything, warm cozy sweaters, and fall decorating! This year, why not spice up your fall decor with a few new pieces from Fingerhut!  (And we’ve got a great Fingerhut promo code for you to use) That’s right, everything in the

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