New Fingerhut Promo Code for $50 Off Your First Order

Just in Time:  Get $50 Off your first order with Fingerhut this Christmas!

Not an Access Card

With the Christmas shopping season in full swing, what better way to shop online and get $50 off your first order than to open an account with Fingerhut today?  That’s right, you’ll save $50 off your first $200 order.  And, even better, you can do ALL your Christmas shopping in one place, with one merchant, and come January, you’ll only have one bill to pay!

Best of all, Fingerhut has hundreds of thousands of name brand items at highly competitive prices, so you won’t have to scour the internet looking for bargains, coupon codes, or sale prices on anything.  With Fingerhut, you’ll see the full cash price AND the monthly payment amount for each and every item on their site, so you’ll know before you buy exactly what you’ll need to pay for everything that you select.  What better way to stay within your Christmas budget?

All you do is point, click, and Fingerhut ships your Christmas gifts right to your door!  No crowds to fight, no black Friday madness, no hassle whatsoever… and then you can just sit back and enjoy the holiday season.  It really is that easy with Fingerhut!

Oh, and about that promo code… here it is:

Get the credit you deserve and save $50 on your first order of $200 or more with a new Fingerhut Credit Account. Use promo code NC361. Limited Time Only. Offer Ends Soon.

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