Poor Credit

What is Poor Credit?

If your credit score is between 500 and 600, it is generally considered to be a “Poor” credit score by most lending institutions, and you will likely find yourself paying interest rates that are substantially higher than those with good or excellent credit.  Credit cards for adverse credit scores also tend to charge more fees, higher late charges, and the like, but if you want to rebuild your credit score, these credit cards are typically the best rebuilding credit cards to apply for and get approved for when you start off.  And we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

And if you already have other credit cards for poor credit?  Then you need to remember, when your credit score is on the way up, your “Poor Credit” may be well above where you started, so you should definitely compare your current credit cards to our best credit card deals for poor credit to see if you qualify for lower credit card interest rates, cash back or other rewards, free credit score access, etc.  (Many people simply keep the same old  credit card for years, without considering that a vastly improved credit score might just result in vastly improved interest rates!)

Remember, there is no risk in scrolling through the current offers.  And the benefit will likely outweigh the cost if and when you do decide to apply for a better credit card to replace your current one.  Here are some of the best credit cards to get approved for with a poor credit score: