Fair Credit

If your credit score falls between 650 and 699 on a 300-850 scale, you’ve got Fair Credit.

Generally, if you have fair credit, you’ve probably had a couple of minor financial setbacks, and that has affected your credit rating… There are also instances where Fair Credit can seem to be a huge improvement (if your credit was bad or nonexistent, and you’ve been working very hard to improve your score, I promise you will be thrilled when you hit 650 and your credit is suddenly “Fair.”)

But, you can still qualify for some really good debit cards or credit cards, with low interest rates, and even rewards!  Plus, if you make your payments on time, and work on the minor issues that are affecting your credit, you can often take a fair credit rating to a good credit rating in no time!

Why not use your fair credit to get a fresh start with these great offers: