Get a Fresh Start with Fingerhut!

Need to rebuild your credit?  Maybe you’ve had a serious financial setback… lost your job, gotten in over your head, and behind on your bills?  Once something like that happens, it seems like it will take forever to get back on track… and when no one will give you credit, it’s nearly impossible to rebuild your credit score.

With Fingerhut, You Can!

Not an Access Card

That’s right, you can get that fresh start you so desperately need with Fingerhut!  Not only does Fingerhut extend credit to those of us with less than perfect credit scores, but having a Fingerhut account can actually help your credits score.

Fingerhut can help your credit score in three ways –

  1. Your Fingerhut account figures into your total “credit utilization,” and if you can keep the balance on your account under 30% of the total available credit on your Fingerhut account, then your credit score will reflect a much better credit utilization score.
  2. Fingerhut will report your regular payments to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis, which will establish your payment history, which is also an important part of your credit score.
  3. Over time, your regular payment history may also qualify you for credit line increases, which will help your available credit even more.

Honestly, opening a Fingerhut credit account is one of THE best ways to improve your credit score!  Not only have I personally seen the effects of opening a Fingerhut credit account on an individual’s credit score, but I’ve also seen the special deals that come with responsible use of your Fingerhut account.  Special deals like short term credit increases that enable you to buy more expensive items such as computers, televisions, and other major appliances, special interest free deals, and eventually, admission into the Fingerhut Major Purchase program, where you can buy a new living room set, new bedroom furniture, or that new patio set you’ve been dreaming of all winter!

So, go ahead, what are you waiting for?  

Open your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today and get that fresh start you’ve been searching for!

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