Student Credit Cards

Sending a family member off to college for the first time this year? Perhaps you’re a college student yourself? Regardless of whether you’re the student or you’re the parent of a student, you might want to consider student credit cards.

With a student credit card, not only will the funds be there in the event of an unexpected expense, such as an emergency car repair, an unlisted lab fee or textbook charge, or simply just because you’re running short, but it’s also a great way to start building credit early on.  And building and maintaining good credit is an absolute necessity for a solid financial future.  And that solid financial future can begin with that first student credit card!

Not only will a credit card help with the unexpected, but it will also help to establish a credit score, demonstrate responsible spending habits early on, and a student credit card might even help your college student land that first big job.  That’s right.  Employers often look at all prospective employees’ credit reports and having a good credit score could mean the difference between getting that job or being passed up for another more financially intelligent candidate.  Remember, if you want an employer to trust you with their money, you’d better be able to handle your own.

Here are our picks for the best student credit card offers: