Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is an absolute necessity these days. Between monitoring your credit score and protecting yourself from fraud, hackers, etc., if you aren’t paying attention to your financial profile, you risk losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, or worse.

So, what are your options in credit monitoring?  Obviously, there are many, many companies tracking your credit score, some free and some paid.  But even with so many choices, the most important choice is simply which credit monitoring service works best for you?   Which credit monitoring service provides you with the information that enables you to follow your credit as closely as you need to?  Which credit monitoring service provides the alerts that you need?  Which credit monitoring service provides you with access to which of the three credit scoring companies that you most need?  How often is the information updated?

What is the cost associated with the credit monitoring service that you choose?  While free is excellent if you go that route, any monthly or annual fee that you pay for any credit monitoring service will be well worth the cost that is incurred when you protect your financial information.  One instance of identity theft, fraud, or theft will set you back far more than the cost of paid credit monitoring.

As with anything that you do financially, it’s important to review all of your credit monitoring options and select the ones that work best for you!

Here are our top credit monitoring offers: