Credit Builders

Looking for credit builders that will help you improve your credit score?

Credit builder cards are credit and debit cards that are specifically designed to help you improve or rebuild your credit score.  Whether you are just starting out and have very limited or even no credit, or if you’ve suffered a financial setback, such as bankruptcy, divorce, medical emergency, or job loss, these credit card companies will work with you to get you back on track financially.

Of course, just like many credit card companies that work with those with limited, damaged, or even poor credit, there may be extra fees or a higher interest rate associated with credit builders.  But, as we have mentioned before, you have to start somewhere!  Once you have begun to rebuild your credit, and that rebuilding is reflected in your improved credit score, then other, better credit card options may be available to you.  At that time, you can open a new credit card account with better terms, transfer your balance, or even get a personal loan.  But you must first start building that credit score up!

Here are some excellent credit builders for you to consider: