Fingerhut FreshStart Can Help You This Christmas!

Seems a little early to be thinking about Christmas shopping, doesn’t it?  Not if you already know you’ll need a revolving charge account or a new credit card to be able to afford Christmas!

One of the best ways to afford Christmas, and to build or rebuild your credit at the same time, is to get what’s referred to as a “store” credit card.

Store cards are usually the easiest credit cards to get and, as long as they report to at least one of the major credit bureaus, store cards like Fingerhut really can help you to rebuild your credit.

Of all of the “store” credit cards out there, Fingerhut is definitely one of the best – not only do they grant credit to nearly every applicant, but they have introduced the Fingerhut FreshStart Program, designed just for people who need to work on their credit.

What is the Fingerhut FreshStart Program?

Basically, this is a program that is specifically for people who often can’t get credit any other way.  How do you enroll in the FreshStart Program?  It’s pretty simple:

  • Start by filling out a credit application to open an account (most people start out with $250.00 credit).
  • Shop online and make a purchase between $50.00 and your total credit limit.
  • Make your first payment of $30.00 when the order is placed.  Once the payment is cleared, your order ships.
  • Make 6-8 regular payments (on time) and pay off the purchase.  (This is why we’re talking Christmas in July – there’s still time to get your credit set for this Christmas!)
  • When the balance is paid off, your account is converted to a revolving Fingerhut charge account, which means you’re eligible for credit line increases, and you can take advantage of the full line of buying options for every purchase you make, including deferred payment plans, low monthly payments, and a very reasonable monthly APR.

The best part is – Fingerhut reports your regular payments AND your credit line to major credit bureaus.  This helps your credit in two different ways:

1. You build a history of regular payments with Fingerhut.

2. They report your “available credit” thereby showing or increasing the amount of credit shown as “available” on your credit report.  (This decreases your credit utilization if you’re not using the full amount available to you.)

Think Fingerhut might be the way for you to improve your credit?

Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank . Get low monthly payments with no annual fees or overlimit fees. Shop from thousands of trusted brands. Apply Today!

Oh, and there’s something else I’d like to share with you about Fingerhut… This is NOT your mother’s Fingerhut!

Fingerhut has really stepped up their game –

  • Fingerhut has lots of Brand Name merchandise.
  • Fingerhut offers quality goods – no cheap junk!
  • Fingerhut’s prices are highly competitive and comparable to other online retailers.
  • Fingerhut ships just as quickly as other online retailers.
  • Fingerhut sends you an actual CATALOG in the mail!  In this day and age, having an actual catalog to shop from is highly unique… (it reminds me of the old “Wish Book” that we used to get every year – and these catalogs don’t go straight to the trash, either!)

Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank .