Don’t Look Now – Christmas is Almost Here!

That’s right, Christmas is literally less than a month away!  Do you have your shopping done?  Or are you still trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for Christmas gifts?  If you’re like most people, money is tight… with the cost of housing, health insurance, grocery bills, and everything else rising much faster than wages are, it’s hard to come up with the cash you need to get those must have gifts for the kids, for your spouse, or even just things you need around the house.

But this year, you can relax.  Fingerhut has Christmas covered!  When you open a Fingerhut Credit account, you’ll not only have access to the buying power that you need, but you’ll also have access to literally hundreds of thousands of name brand, quality gifts that will fill your family’s Christmas list.

Looking for the latest and greatest game system?  Maybe a new HD television?  Or the newest brand name tennis shoes?  If you’re shopping for electronics, clothing, shoes, small appliances, toys (and more toys), or something else… relax, Fingerhut has it!

Even better, Fingerhut has it at a price you can afford.  In addition to competitively priced items, Fingerhut has financing that enables you to get the gifts you need with a payment plan that will fit almost any budget!  (They even tell you how much the payment will be for each and every item that you’re considering before you buy.)

And finally, for those of us with less than perfect credit… Fingerhut even has a “fresh start” program to help you get back on your feet financially once the holidays are past.

  • Great selection.
  • Name brand merchandise.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Competitive interest rates.

What could be better?  If you don’t have a Fingerhut Credit Account, you’re missing out!

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