Catalog Card Shopping for Christmas

You know, one of the biggest stress factors during the holiday season is trying to figure out how you’re going to afford to buy gifts for everyone on your list!  That’s why many of us use credit cards to do that all important Christmas shopping.  But if your credit is less than stellar?  Getting the credit that you need can be nearly impossible?

Fortunately, there are catalog credit card companies that work with those of us with less than perfect credit, especially at this time of year!

Not only will many of these companies extend credit when no one else will, but typically, catalog credit cards can help you to improve your credit in the long run… you see, just like regular credit card companies, catalog credit card providers also report to the major credit bureaus, so your available credit AND your payment history will reflect that the catalog creditor has extended credit to you and that you are making regular payments (or have paid in full).  And that information just might bump your credit score a few points.

Oh, and did I mention that most of these catalog companies have specials, coupons, and such at this time of year?

Check it out: