Build Your Credit AND Freshen Up Your Home

Spring cleaning?  Maybe you’d like to get that new patio table and chairs or that new grill that you’ve been wanting… but you don’t have the money?  And your credit score is too low to be able to finance it with a credit card?

Relax.  With Fingerhut, you can freshen up your backyard for summer AND start rebuilding your credit score today!  You see, unlike a lot of creditors these days, Fingerhut actually works with you to help you rebuild your credit score.  Not only do they typically approve most people for a Fingerhut Credit Account, but they also report your good payment record to the top three credit bureaus every month, so you’ll start rebuilding your credit history from the moment that you make your first on time payment to Fingerhut.  (And just the fact that you’re approved for a Fingerhut card may even help your credit score!)

Don’t have a credit history?  Fingerhut works for that, too!  When you’re just starting out, getting credit can be just as difficult as it is when your credit score is poor to bad.  Sometimes it seems like no one will give you the credit you need to build a credit history, but once again, Fingerhut typically approves most people, so you’ll likely get the credit you need and start building your credit history right away.

And, there’s one more way that having a Fingerhut Credit Account works for you – it’s called “Available Credit.”  The more available credit that you have, the better your score.  Just be careful that you don’t use all of your available credit because that can actually hurt your credit score.  (Credit scoring models like to see you using 30% or less of your total available credit.)

Sound like something that might work for you?

Open your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today!