Better Lock In Your Personal Loan NOW!

If you are like most people, when those credit card bills start piling up in January, you start looking for alternatives to paying interest on every card every month forever… and we all know that the absolute best alternative would be to pay off all those cards and get a real fresh start on your balances.

The best way to get a fresh start on your credit card balances?

A personal loan, of course, but there are a few predicted changes coming in 2018 that might just make you want to lock that personal loan rate in today!  Obviously, interest rates have risen over the past year, and obviously, they are expected to go up again this year, but have you really looked at ALL of your interest charges?  Chances are, every time the prime rate has risen over the course of the past year, your credit cards have all raised their interest rates and you’re already paying more than you thought you were.  Now if the rate rises again?  That’s right, you’ll be paying even more for all those gifts you just bought during the holidays.

The solution?  Lock in a fixed rate personal loan NOW before the next rate increase so that you can save money on interest and get that fresh start you need on those credit card balances!