Quick view of the Policies and Procedures of Payday loans online same day

Payday loans online same day is an ideal productwhen there is an urgent need of cash. It is an avenue for easy and instant cash. Many financial firms offer an access to fast cash through same day loan product. With a fixed source of income,nothing can be swifter than gettingloan within 24 hours. Here’s a brief account on payday loans online same day.

Requirementsthat need to fulfilledfor a Payday Loan

There are a few simple requirements for getting a loan. First, a person has to be an adult citizen i.e.18 years of age or older. The borrower needs a valid email address, phone number and an active bank account. Finallyit is a must that applicant is appointed at the present post for the last 3-6 months and some lenders require a regular income of at least $1,000 a month. Some lenders accept social security benefits as sources of income.

Don’tworry about your credit ratings, as you are not pressurised under the credit checks, no fax or mail or anything.

The Applying and Approval Process

Payday loans online same dayis very convenient, with access to a computerwhich has internet access;a person is able to apply for the loans.  You do not have to travel to a financial institution, wait in queues, or in a linefor consulting a loan representative. Applying online saves a lot of time and energy and its cost effective too.

The application process is simple; it usually requires you to fillout an application form, where you need to fill your basic details. Most payday loans are not based on your credit history, so if you are worried about your bad credit ratings, then be rest assured as it will not be a hurdle in the loan approval.

After you have filled and submittedthe initial application form, you will receive a response on whether your payday loan is approved or not within a few minutes.

Once you loan is approved, a payday loan company will credit the loan immediately same day. Payday loan companies are fax-less, they verify your income on line or through telephone, hence for loan processing there is absolutely no need to fax documents for any verification. You need to sign the contract electronically and the company will deposit the money into your account within 24 hours.

The Repayment Terms

Most lenders give a borrower a month or at the most two months to pay back the loan. On the due date generally the lender automatically withdraws the money alongwith interest and fees from the borrower’s bank account.


A pay day loan online same dayis a great way to get money to pay an unexpected emergency expense. Payday loans online have a simple process for getting quick money during a difficult financial time. You need to make sure, that you get a payday loan for the shortest amount of time possible and borrow the lowest cash amount.

Is it really necessary to go through credit counseling post bankruptcy?

Did you already file bankruptcy due to mismanagement of your personal finances? Just as you need to go through consumer credit counseling before bankruptcy, you also need to go through it after you’ve done with the process. The new bankruptcy laws enacted in 2005 holds this as a pre-requisite before going through the entire process. You may be wondering the need of getting help from a credit counselor after you’ve filed bankruptcy. Well, when you’re a bankrupt, it is most obvious that you’ll have exhausted all your financial capabilities. When you’re going through a sluggish financial state, wouldn’t you love to get financial help from a professional and trained credit counselor? Here are some reasons of taking help of consumer credit counseling agencies.


  • You get back the lost hope in yourself: When you’re filing bankruptcy, it is most obvious that you’ve lost all confidence in your self and therefore you’re looking for a ray of hope. During such a time, some inspiring words from an expert financial advisor can bring back a breathing space in life. Regardless of whether you have filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you need to build a viable financial nest so that you can easily lead a debt free life.


  • You may know how to improve your credit score: Another thing that you can improve on is to boost your credit score. It is most obvious that bankruptcy will trash your credit score and stay on your report as a blotch till the next 7-10 years. Therefore, you must immediately take the needed steps in order to improve your credit score so that you’re not turned down by your lenders seeing that you’re a bankrupt. The consumer credit counselor will teach you the ways in which you can regain the lost control over your credit score.


  • You can change your financial habits: Once you’ve filed bankruptcy, it is very necessary for you to ensure that you change your financial habits so that you don’t incur further debts on your credit cards. You should be aware of the fact that you had to file bankruptcy just because of your irresponsible financial behavior and if you don’t improve on this, you can easily push yourself towards a mess.


Therefore, when you’re worried about getting back in the right financial track even after filing for bankruptcy, you can get help from a credit counselor. Look for help from a non-profit credit counseling agency so that you can trust the results.