Fingerhut: Still The Best Catalog Shopping Site

Is Fingerhut still the best catalog shopping site?

Recently several new catalog style shopping sites have been launched, some with new approaches such as an online “rent to own” business model, others with a standard monthly “fee” that replaces any interest charges, and still others that promise a similar business model to the more familiar catalog shopping sites, such as Fingerhut. We’ve actually written a couple of articles about their different offerings, and while we like the “rent to own” business model, the best true catalog shopping site, hands down, is still Fingerhut.

What makes Fingerhut the best catalog shopping site?

In an actual site to site comparison, we discovered several reasons why Fingerhut is still the best:

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  • Fingerhut’s actual cash price is significantly lower for regularly priced items. The differences in prices on our comparison items ranged from a few dollars to as much as 30% higher than other comparable catalog shopping sites.
  • Fingerhut’s interest rate is highly competitive, not just with other catalog shopping sites, but also with traditional credit cards’ interest rates. In fact, the interest rate at Fingerhut is actually LESS than many credit cards these days, so you may actually save some money by purchasing through Fingerhut instead of using a credit card to purchase the exact same product.
  • Fingerhut is the only catalog shopping site that offers consumers a second chance in the event that you don’t qualify for a traditional Fingerhut account. With a mere $30.00 deposit on your first order, you can still qualify for an account under their FreshStart program!
  • Fingerhut gives you all of the details up front! Not only were we able to confirm what the actual cash price for the item was, but we were also able to see the regular payment rate, the number of payments, and the full price of the item simply by using a handy chart that is available at the click of your mouse.
  • Fingerhut typically starts out customers with poor credit at a $300.00 credit limit, however, once you’ve placed your order and made regular payments over a period of time, most customers end up with a significantly higher credit limit, and many qualify for the Fingerhut Major Purchase Program, where you can purchase furniture, appliances, and other high end items at reasonable prices with extended payment terms.
  • As always, with Fingerhut there is no penalty for paying the balance of your account off early, and the total amount due is always readily available on your monthly statement.

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